Today’s guest bloggers are two 13 year old girls that are close to my heart.  Anisha and Lily are two of the dearest people in Ashley’s life.  Anisha is Ashley’s cousin and Lily and Ashley became friends in the 2nd grade.  The three of them are like sisters.  They understand Ashley better than most.  They understand her triggers and quirks and they genuinely love her.  They laugh at her silliness and consider her a true friend.  This picture was taken yesterday and Ashley had a couple of loud outbursts, the kind that make most people stop and stare.  But Lily and Anisha didn’t skip a beat, they gave her the space she needed and accepted her right back into the fold when she returned.  It makes my heart so full to know that these two girls exist on the planet.  I love you both so much!  Thank you for your beautiful blog. ♥

Different is good. Life without any variety would be colorless, music- less, and lifeless. We can’t imagine that. The world today has different people, each unique and amazing in ways you may not believe is humanly possible. Friendships are a way to connect to these amazing people and learn more about them and even yourself. Good friends bring out the best in people. Ashley brings out the best in us.

Ashley brings so much life to our group. She tells the funniest jokes, and makes us laugh about things that no one would ever think of.  She can sing notes that most people can’t reach. Not one person in our group of friends is the same, yet we all are best friends despite our differences. Our differences keep things interesting. Everyone wants to be friends with Ashley.  Do you blame them?

Having a friend like Ashley is so amazing. Everyone needs an Ashley in their life. When you are having a bad day, she lets you rant and just express yourself. You can be as weird and awkward as you want with her. She would never judge you. She automatically makes your bad day into a good day.

Ashley is strong even when things aren’t easy for her and she can make anyone smile. We all try to be strong, but we are all human.  Something us humans need to do more of is smile, and help others to smile. Ashley taught us that, not just through our words, but by our actions. Making people smile is an ability we all have.  Smile, try it. You may surprise yourself. Ashley smiles all the time and shares her happiness with everyone.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” -J.M. Barrie

Thank you Ashley for bringing us sunshine.

-Lily and Anisha

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  1. Girls, you said it so beautifully… if more people thought like you the world would be a much better place… keep smiling and being the same sweet, caring friends you are… and some day people may catch on 🙂

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